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How to Search Information on Our Web Site



The sitemap visualizes the structure of our web site. A click on any of the items of the sitemap will take you to the corresponding page.

Search Form

Using the search form at the top center of the page you can search for words and terms both in the entire web site and in individual dictionaries:

  • Enter the word you want to look up in the input field at the top center of the browser window.
    If umlaut and other special characters are not available, use the follwing alternatives:
    ae = ä; oe = ö; ue = ü; ss = ß; e = é, è, ê, etc.

  • Click on Search

  • The search results are displayed under different titles:

    • Glossary
      If the the search word is a term described in our glossary, it is displayed here. All its synonyms are listed on the same line. On the lines underneath, related terms are listed together with their synonyms.

    • Spelling
      If the search word is described in the spelling rules section, links to the relevant pages are displayed here.

    • Grammar
      If the search word is described in the word grammar or the sentence grammar sections, links to the relevant pages are displayed here.

    • Wordformation
      If the search word is described in the wordformation rules section, links to the relevant pages are displayed here.

    • Dictionaries
      Here you find:
      • the result word(s),
      • the word category of the result word(s),
      • hyperlinks to the corresponding entries in the various dictionaries (Spelling, Inflection, Morphology, German-English as well as some external dictionaries).
        A click on one of the dictionary links will take you to the entry in that particular dictionary.
    • Related Terms
For example:



Adjektiv Show example
Output: Glossary entries
Spelling rule entries
Grammar links
Wordformation links
adjektiv and Adjektiv in dictionaries
Adjektiv in "Related Terms"

See here for more exampel searches in canoonet.

Search Filters

There are some filters that enable you to constrain the search:
  • To search in one specific dictionary, select the dictionary from the pull-down menu in the search form (e.g. Dictionary Inflection if you want to look up the inflection paradigm of a word).

  • To distinguish between uppercase and lowercase letters, select the box labeled case sensitive.
For example:



'Dictionary Inflection' selected
'case sensitive' selected
Show example


Inflection paradigm of the noun Adjektiv

Wildcard Search

For more complex requests you can use so-called wild cards.

  • The * represents any number of any character, including no characters.
    It can only be used in combination with at least three characters. In order to see all entries in the data base that start with the same characters, combine the characters with the wild card: e.g. if you enter Gel*, the search will return the entries Gel, Gelabber, gelabt, etc. The search *foto* will yield the search result abfotografieren, Aerofotografie, Aerofotogrammetrie etc.

  • The ? represents any single character.
    For example, the search ?ilde will return the entries Gilde, milde, Tilde, etc.

The wildcard search is not case sensitive.

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