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Canoonet Search in the toolbar of your Web browser - Currently not available

Canoonet always “standby”! You can now add Canoonet to the search engines in the toolbar of your Web browser.

This service enables you to look up a word in Canoonet by simply entering it into the search field in the upper right corner of your browser window respectively by using the search modifier in combination with a term. You will have immediate access to the information offered by Canoonet.

Simply click the link below. The installation is carried out automatically. You will immediately be able to select Canoonet as search engine in the browser toolbar. Browser specific settings are normally available in the FAQ section of specific application.

Canoonet Search is available for the all browsers supporting OpenSearch, namely
  • Firefox
  • Internet Explorer
  • Chrome
  • Chromium
Currently not available

Working interactively with the Canoo Dictionary out of your own HTML documents

It is also possible to work interactively with the Canoo dictionary out of your own web pages: you have to integrate a text field in your web page which allows you to enter the word you want to look up. The necessary HTML-Code is added below. It can be copied directly into your code.

<form action=""
 method="get" target="_new" accept-charset="ISO-8859-1">
<input type="text" name="input">
<input type="submit" value="suchen">

CanooNet Mobile iOS app

CanooNet Mobile is the most comprehensive mobile reference for German on your iPhone. With the iOS app, you may now use CanooNet offline.

The full version of the app is shareware. Upon downloading the app from the App Store (approx. 600 MB) you are granted 20 free searches for testing before being asked to buy the full version (8,99 EUR respectively the according amount in your local currency). If you don't want to buy the app, you may still use the comprehensive and informative rule sets (Grammar and Spelling (button "Dr. Bopp").

CanooNet Mobile is available in the App Store.

How to specify hyperlinks to Canoonet

From any of your web pages or digital presentations as e.g. MS Power Point, you can directly refer on any content of our Online Services like an overview page or tables within a page.

In order to do so navigate to the page you want  to link and mark the Internet address which is displayed in the address or location field of your browser. Copy the marked address onto the clipboard. Now you can insert a hyperlink into your Web Page or presentation by pasting in the URL from the clipboard into the field of the target address. After labeling the hyperlink your dcument now contains a reference to one of our pages. By clicking on the hyperlink the corresponding page is being displayed if you are connected to the Internet or the page is still stored in your browser's cache.

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