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Welcome to the Terminology Database


The terminology database of the Canoo Engineering AG is of interest to you if you

  • would like to offer your terminology on the Intra- or Internet
  • are looking for a cost-efficient and light-weight solution
  • plan to integrate your terminology with other services offered by the Canoo Engineering AG
  • do not want to provide and maintain the necessary technical infrastructure at your site
  • must  guarantee high availability of your services

The Canoo Terminology Database is based on a sophisticated data model. This model allows the development and maintenance of the most diverse lexicon types ranging from simple glossaries to complex multilingual term banks. The database allows the representation of a number of relationships between lexicon entries. Examples are the relationships synonym, antonym, subordinate or superordinate entry. The consistency of the lexicon data is established by means of a dedicated authoring environment. Depending on the requirements of the customer, every terminology database can be hosted by the Canoo Engineering AG.

A typical example for a terminology database, which has been developed using the Canoo technology, is the linguistic glossary.

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