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Sentence Grammar

A sentence is a relatively independent grammatical unit. It can stand alone, or it can be combined with other sentences to form a text, a story, etc.

According to their form and their function in a text or a conversation, sentences can be divided into different sentence types: declarative sentences, interrogative sentences, imperative sentences, exclamatory sentences, and optative sentences.

The construction of a sentence shows that it is composed of smaller entities that fulfil different functions. These entities are the constituents of the sentence (subject, predicate, object, adverbial). The constituents consist of one or more words. The chapter "Phrases" describes which constituents of the sentence can be constructed with which kinds of words and word groups.

A sentence cannot be composed of just any combination of constituents. The chapter "Sentence structures" shows which combinations of constituents are possible. The constituents cannot be combined in just any order, either. The chapter "Word order" describes the rules and restrictions that apply.

A sentence can consist of two or more entities containing a subject and a finite (inflected) verb. These entities, the clauses, are connected with each other by connection words like conjunctions and relative pronouns. The chapter "Complex sentences" describes the different kinds of clauses that, together, can form a sentence.

Finally, the sentence grammar contains a separate chapter "Negation".

Sentence types Declarative, interrogative, imperative, exclamatory, optative sentences
Constituents of the sentence  Subject, predicate, object, adverbial
Phrases How to construct a part of a sentence?
Sentence structures Which parts of a sentence combine to form a sentence?
Word order What is the order of the parts of a sentence?
Complex sentences  How are clauses combined into sentences?
Negation How can sentences be negated?

Word Grammar

The Word Grammar describes the forms and the functions of words. 

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