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Geographical names

Rule | Stem+Ending | Fully inflected
In the inflection of geographical names a distinction is made between names used with an article (die Schweiz, der Rhein) and names used without an article (Deutschland, Wien). See Article with proper names.

With article without article

According to the formation of the genitive we distinguish three different classes:

  Genitive (e)s Genitive s Genitive -
   Singular Singular Singular
Article Stem Ending Article Stem Ending Article Stem Ending
Nominative der Rhein - der Balkan - die Schweiz -
Accusative den - den - die -
Dative dem (e) dem - der -
Genitive des (e)s des s der -
All nouns of this class All nouns of this class All nouns of this class

  • Genitive without ending s:
    Many (cf. dictionary) proper names used with an article can form the genitive with oder without s.For exemple:
    des Libanons or des Libanon
    des Balkans
    or des Balkan
    des Engadins
    or des Engadin
    des Atlantiks
    or des Atlantik
    des Kongos
    or des Kongo
    des Elsasses
    or des Elsass

  • Nouns used only in the plural:
    Some geographical names are used only in the plural (e.g. die Pyrenäen, die Niederlande). They are always accompanied by the definite article, and they are declined like other nouns that are used only in the plural.

    All geographical plural nouns

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